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Prepress Detail

We feel that a dependable, efficient prepress workflow is the key to our entire production. Therefore, we are highly invested in both equipment and staff.

Both Mac and PC workstations are utilized at Neal/Settle. We are an Adobe authorized service provider. Our software library includes Adobe CS Suite - Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Quark Express and PitStop. We can also accept files in Word and Publisher. The software is kept up-to-date and we can add other programs as needed. Files are accepted via disk, e-mail, or through the ftp on our user friendly website.

We provide design / layout for many of our customers. This includes forms, brochures, newsletters, postcards and many other items.

The hub of our prepress department is the Agfa ApogeeX, a complete integrated digital workflow application. ApogeeX is a PDF based workflow solution. Every file is rasterized into a PDF Digital Master which allows management of preflighting, trapping, color settings and output to many devices including the Agfa Accento platesetter, Afga Sherpa proofer and digital printers. The Preps layout templates are also integrated into ApogeeX.

Many proofing options are available, including paper proofs, high resolution digital proofs and online pdf proofs. ApogeeX uses the same renderer for outputting proofs, pdfs, and plates. Therefore, what you see on the proof is exactly what will be printed.

From proof approval, metal plates are then output on the Agfa Accento thermal platesetter. This state of the art digital platesetter provides exceptional imaging and uncompromising quality. The Accento is a fast, reliable platemaker with consistent dot reproduction. The plates used are the Agfa Azura, a chemistry-free, environmental friendly aluminum plate.

With our experience, personnel and equipment, we have the complete prepress solution to handle jobs completely, correctly and quickly.